We are into all forms of ethical hacking, private investigation, and penetration testing.

Ethical Hacking

Our hands are deft at all forms of ethical hacking. We are never behind in terms of future technologies to perform our operations.

Assets Recovery

Recovering assets has never been any easier than this. We are certain that you will get everything lost when we intervene.

Private Investigation

Our private eyes are so sharp and we can get any information for you through our digital surveillance operations.

Online Reputation Management

We can help save your reputation or avert any form of blackmail against you or your organization on the internet.

Penetration Testing

This is done alongside every other operation that follows. We are the best in this and we are 100% accurate with our delivery.

Hacker Training

We train people to be certified experts in Ethical Hacking. Our CEH program is good for anyone interested in doing what we do.

Thousands of Clients Rely on Our Services

“We have never had a reason to doubt NSO Group Hacker. Solutions are always CLINICAL and on time. They directly solve all our problems by going straight to the point in time. Time means a lot to us, perfect solutions mean more too”Marshall Wolf

Q & A

How long does it take to complete a solution?

Typical turn around time is 24 hours to 48 hours so you can sit back, relax and we’ll have your solution completed in no time!

How does payment work?

We accept all digital payment methods, depending on the region where the order is placed.

What do I do if my work is not done in time?

This hardly happens as all our hackers support themselves well enough to ensure all solution is completed. We will never accept a project we cannot complete. However funds are refunded with fees on damages (a form of insurance), in case of any incomplete work.

How do I ensure that I am not crossing any legal boundary?

We ensure that all our processes are 100% ethical and everything we do is in line with every state or countries legality.

Can I make unethical requests?

We will always find an ethical means to solve all your problems and take every legal step to ensure that no boundary is crossed. If this is impossible in your case, we simply decline before accepting your job or any payment.

How do I keep in touch?

As soon as any hacker is attached to you. You can keep in touch directly with the hacker and feel free to contact the NSO Group Hacker support email in case of any inconsistencies or you have an enquiry to make directly from us.