A rare team of experts in every area of ethical hacking ranging from Penetration Test to Private Investigation and Assets Recovery.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Find a suitable certified ethical hacker to help with all your hacking needs, with 97% success rate guaranteed. Our well trained and experienced personnel and support team will guide you through the process until your project is completed.

Private Investigator

Our Surveillance department is equipped with the smartest tools and most brilliant brains behind them. We can find out any information there is in real time through various hack tools, spyware and malware attacks any where. Ranging from device monitoring to remote access.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessment part of our key services. We do this with precision and in record time, exposing vulnerabilities and granting remote access immediately we are commissioned to begin the project. All test activities are carried out in a secure environment to ensure that there are no external  attacks & detection afterwards.

After 16 solid years of operations

We can boast of the following


Hacks Completed


Success Rate


Accounts Recovered
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The Best Hackers in the World

World Best Hackers all on the same platform working to solve all your cybersecurity issues.

We have some of the best hackers in the world as part of our team. All custom projects / service order requests are actively monitored round the clock, while carry out various activities on your orders all conversations and processes are strictly monitored, with adequate documentation recorded for reference purposes.
We spent years creating our own unique methods, hack tools (spyware software’s & malware) and various other technologies with our team of the world’s best hacker’s with maximum support given to members of the group to ensure they achieve every aspect of your unique service requests and feats set out to be achieved.
Overtime we have realized that most of our service orders are unique to our clients needs which leads to custom solutions, therefore pricing and payment detail’s will be determined by the scope of your service requests.